A comprehensive hybrid workplace solution with great features

yoffix is a comprehensive solution to manage your hybrid workplace. Check out our features below and contact us if you'd like to learn more.

flexible workplace automation

Customize your hybrid office setup

As a workforce management platform we offer full control over custom rules. Decide your hybrid work policy and calculate your needed capacity.


Highly Customizable: Max / Min days in the office


Understand your office capacity


Automatic management of waiting list

Smart desk sharing and meeting room booking

Gain full control over your space and assign flexible desks, assigned desks and blocked desks. Desk sharing and desk hoteling provided.

Once desks are set and designated your employees can book them through the platform. This functionality includes capacity monitoring, overbooking reporting, smart prioritization and waiting-list; so that you can make the smartest decisions on how to prioritize attendance. For our pro and enterprise subscribers will also a check-in feature to reduce and avoid “no-show” situations.

desk booking, meeting room booking
office analytics and optimization

Strong analytics on office spaces and teams

Office space monitoring and utilization technology can help you maximize both real estate and productivity.

With our real-time data and analysis reporting you will be able to track, measure and learn more about your changing office utilization and needs, reduce square footage, cut costs and understand the interaction between your workforce and the workplace. With better understanding of distribution you can not only accommodate NewWork needs but also create a better employee experience.

Intuitive employee attendance planing

A smart and simple to use workspace booking platform for the new world of work.

Use our attendance-scheduling feature to collaborate with teams and plan meetings efficiently. Employees submit their preferences — where and when they’ll be working — and a manager approves them according to capacity, priority, and availability. It’s even easier with our Slack integration. You have a full overview of team leads with override and proposal capabilities, and daily, weekly, and bi-weekly view options. So, forget all about Excel sheets and complicated calendar bookings.

office attendance planing
collaborate with team bookings

Team collaboration features

Yoffix offers a frictionless employee experience that fosters collaboration.

A happy and healthy employee is a loyal and more productive employee. That’s why we make it easy for you to check-in with your team, even in a hybrid workplace. Improve culture and connections by helping employees come together to build stronger bonds.